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VisioCare Consult
Increase adoption and compliance in the exam room

Choose your licence(s): Tablet (Android tablets or iPads) or Web
Each licence is associated with the email address (login) of the user and its password, it is activated as soon as payment is validated.

VisioCare Reception
A simple and fun communication tool for the waiting area

Requires the purchase of a VisioCare+ package

VisioCare Plus
The new "all in one" approach to client communication
    This package includes :
  • 1 VisioCare Consult licence
  • 1 VisioCare Reception module with a selection of VisioCare TV animations
  • 1 VisioCare Box to display the content of the selected loop of animations in your waiting area
  • 1 VisioCare Home licence

Please note that any additional VisioCare+ package will not include VisioCare Home licence.

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